Do you have teeth that are not as straight as they should be? Clear aligners may be a good way to fix this. A different type of teeth straightening solution than traditional braces, clear aligners work to straighten the positioning of your teeth over time gently. Clear aligner trays are used to do this. At Lovett Dental Baytown, we offer this solution and other orthodontic services to help you improve your smile.

tray of clear alignersHow Do Clear Aligners Work?

Clear aligner trays work much like other types of teeth straightening solutions, such as metal or ceramic braces, with a unique difference. Instead of a fitted bracket on your teeth, these are clear, plastic trays that are fitted into your mouth. They are designed to move your teeth very slowly over a period of time. Every few weeks, you’ll need to come back in to have new clear aligner trays made for your teeth as they gently work to push your teeth to the proper positioning.

Are Clear Aligner Trays Right for You?

Clear aligners can be an excellent investment for many people, especially those who do not want the discomfort brought on by traditional metal braces. After a full consultation with our team, we’ll help you determine if this is the right way to improve your smile based on things like:

  • The placement of your teeth
  • How much movement is necessary
  • Your willingness to keep the clear aligner trays in place (they are removable but can’t work unless they are left in place
  • Any other type of dental service or treatment you may need
  • Your long-term goals for your smile

Are Clear Aligners the Best Way to Get Teeth Straightening?

For most people, teeth straightening is beneficial because it can improve your smile and chew properly and influence your speech. Clear aligner trays offer a few key benefits over traditional braces, too, including being able to be removed. As a result, you can properly brush and care for your teeth. These trays are tough to notice – most of the time, people will not know they are there unless you tell them.

Another key benefit to these clear aligners is how effective they are. They do not cause the typical pain of traditional metal braces. You don’t have to have them tightened, though you will have to have new trays created for you over time. Because of how they work, they can effectively handle even some of the most challenging teeth alignment concerns.

How Can You Get Started with Clear Aligner Trays?

To get started, schedule a consultation in our office. Our team will take x-rays to learn your teeth’ positioning and create a plan for teeth straightening. Then, we’ll begin by taking impressions of your teeth and creating clear aligner trays. We’ll teach you how to use them and care for your teeth while they are in place. You’ll need to come back several times for new trays to keep the process of moving your teeth going.

At the same time, we may also be able to address any other dental health needs you have. We encourage you to utilize all of the services we offer, including:

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Clear aligners can prove to be one of the best ways for you to approach teeth straightening. For clear aligners trays or any other of the dental services we offer, give our team at Lovett Dental Baytown a call at 281-838-8400 or reach out to us online today. We’re here to help you every step of the way to have the smile you desire.