When you have a tooth extracted, it leaves a hole in your mouth. Your gums, other teeth, and to some extent, your jawbone, all adjust to that space. The professional staff at Lovett Dental Baytown can help with that situation with ridge augmentation services. Give us a call at 281.346.9510 for more information about this procedure. With modern technology and the latest techniques, ridge augmentation is now a routine procedure that should not be too uncomfortable.

About Ridge Augmentation

patient who is getting a ridge augmentationWhen you lose teeth through extraction, the shape of your entire face can change, depending on how many were removed.  Your teeth can move as well, affecting your smile and your chewing ability. We can adjust your gums, your jawbone, or both, depending on what is needed. When this procedure is done, your face will look like it did before you lost the teeth. This also sets the stage for a tooth replacement, whether that be a dental implant or a bridge.

The ultimate goal is to return the natural look to your mouth and face and make your mouth more healthy with our dental services. Ideally, a ridge augmentation would be done when a tooth is removed to avoid the need for two surgeries.

The Alveolar Ridge

There is a bone called the alveolar, which is an extension of the jawbone. This bone holds your natural teeth in place. When a tooth is lost to extraction, space is left, and the bone starts to deteriorate. This must be healthy for you to get implants done. Once it shrinks to a certain point, it can no longer support a tooth or implants, and an augmentation must be done to strengthen the bone. This is why it is ideal to have augmentation while you have a tooth removed before it has time to deteriorate. It is not too late, however, even if there has been some deterioration. That deterioration can start soon after a tooth is lost. About a year after the tooth is extracted, 25 percent will be gone, and 60 percent will be gone in three years. If the bone is still sound, a gum augmentation is all that will be needed.

Ridge Augmentation to Support Bones, Gums, or Both

Ridge augmentation is a surgical procedure that can help to reconstruct both your jawbone and your gums:

  • When gums have worn away or deteriorated due to tooth extraction, that can be rebuilt by grafting tissue from the roof of your mouth or other gums. This is a one-time visit procedure that has become routine for dentists.
  • Bone augmentation is a little more involved but is still safe and fairly painless. In this procedure, the gums are lifted from the bone, and bone grafts are used to level out the bone and restore what has worn away. The gums are then put back in place, and healing begins.
  • Sometimes both are done at the same time. Best results are achieved when this is done immediately after tooth extraction. The same procedure is followed when both are done. The bone is restored first, and then the gums are restored.

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If you have had teeth extracted, or are considering permanent dentures or implants, contact Lovett Dental Baytown at 281.346.9510. Our dentists and oral hygienists will examine your mouth and determine whether this procedure would be of benefit to you. People getting implants often need this to be done so their teeth will have the support they need. Some older people have had teeth removed, and they notice their face changing. This procedure can reverse that situation and return a healthy smile. Aesthetics are a major reason augmentation gets recommended, and it lays the foundation for future dental work that may need to be done.